PMM Handbook

PMM Handbook

Download the full PMM Handbook here.

Section One
Mission & Ministry

Section Two
The Learning Partnership

Section Three
The Learning Agreement

Section Four
Ministry Learning Activities & Ministry Activity Log

Section Five
Integrating Practice in Ministry & Mission on Campus

Section Six
Year-end Evaluations

Section Seven
Intercultural Immersion Guide

Appendix A
Developing Discipleship

Appendix B
Glossary of Terms

Appendix C
Ministry Learning Activities Examples

Appendix D
Wesley Theological Seminary Covenants & Policies

Faculty & Staff Contacts


SPP Handbook

Download the full Student Pastor Program Handbook here.

The Student Pastor Program handbook contains a more intricate picture of the program requirements and guidlines.  All persons involved int he program should be familiar with its contents. 

Facutly & Staff Directory
Section 1; A Word of Welcome
Section 2; Overview of Student Pastor Program
Section 3; Principles of Pastoral Leadership
Section 4; The Learning Partnership
Section 5; Learning Agreement and Evaluations
Section 6; Intercultural Immersion Guide
Section 7; Wesley Theological Seminary Covenants and Policies
Section 8; Year-End Evaluation Forms

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